We are a small software company. We are experts in open source software technologies and development. Our objective is not to have high profit margins, we are here to develop software, to make users life easier while doing what we like.

We are a group of developers who love open source software and apply open source software development know-how to our work.

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Specialists on developing
innovative projects
and tailored solutions
using open technologies

We do

In Wadobo we offer advice and tailored solutions to every kind of need

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Our Work

We've been working in a large number of projects, here you have some examples

ANCCE contest web

Django application to manage ANCCE horse contests. With a private part to manage contents, make reports, score horses, etc and a public part to show results in real time.

SICAB ticket sale app

Django application to sale SICAB tickets. This application is not only an online ticket platform, it is used also to sell in various ticket windows at the same time and to control the access to the event using qrcode readers.

Conil Hospeda

We've collaborate with Enreda coop to make this hotel booking website. This application has a backend to manage books, availability and all stuff related to the hotel booking and a frontend to search and book rooms.

Social to Crowd

We've collaborate with Enreda coop to make this "crowdfunding" website. The idea behind this application is to make a social crowdfunding, but instead of money, you can collaborate with things.

Food & Style

Food & Style is a vegetarian recipes webpage made with wordpress.